Portrait Drawing and Painting

Event Details

This event is running from 18 September 2017 until 4 December 2017. It is next occurring on 23rd Oct 2017 9:30 am

  • Venue: Amersham Adult Learning Centre
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What will I learn?

This course aims to offer learners skills in portraiture painting and drawing when using different media of learner’s choice.
Learners will observe tutor’s demonstrations, participate in class discussions and work under one-to-one guidance. They will experiment with different media used in portraiture painting and drawing. The emphasis is on enjoying working from a life model when learning how to depict the likeness and mix flesh colours.

Is this course for me?

It is for learners who are new to portraiture and those who wish to improve their skills. Learners will obtain basic knowledge of anatomy of the human skull and how to depict the likeness of the portrayed in different media when working from the life model. This class welcomes complete beginners as well as Learners with a range of different experience and knowledge.

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